Puamana Vacations Rental Agreement

  1. Check-in time is NOT prior to 4:00 P.M.
  2. Check-out time is NO later than 11:00 A.M.
  3. Occupancy limit will be strictly enforced.
  4. Security deposits are included in your balance.
  5. Please leave the unit in the same condition as you found it upon you arrival.
  6. Puamana Vacations (PV) Management shall have full authority and control of your occupancy. Failure to comply with any of the terms of your Vacation Rental Agreement contained herein may result in the loss of your security deposit. PV Management reserves the right to cancel this reservation, without further notice, if payments are not received by the due dates specified.
  7. When vacationer checks in, they need to register at the Puamana Community Association (PCA) clubhouse to register their car. PCA charges renters $10/day administrative fee to all guests whether you have a car or not. If vacationers have a second car, they will need to pay $10/night for the second car also. This Administrative Services Fee to offset the additional expenses to the community association resulting from vacation renters. This fee plus tax is included in your vacation expense and we will be paying it to PCA on your behalf.
  8. Guests shall not keep pets or smoke in any vacation rental property. Hawaii State law states that there is no smoking up to 20 feet out from any non-smoking area, so this includes the lanais of all Puamana properties. The occupants for this booking are limited to the specified number of individuals. This limit is strictly enforced. If more occupants are reported, the additional number WILL be asked to leave. The renter shall not sublease the unit at any time or have any parties with more individuals than the unit is approved for unless approved on this agreement.
  9. After you depart, PV Management will check the property for damage and take an inventory. Your security deposit should be refunded to your credit card within 15 business days of your departure providing that there has been no breach of this Agreement. Any/all damage, theft, lost keys, and/or unnecessary maintenance expenses resulting during your occupancy. Please be aware we will charge a fee of $50 for each key that is missing.
  10. Inconvenience caused by weather or airline conditions may occur and do not invalidate this Vacation Rental Agreement nor will guests be subject to financial compensation.
  11. All properties are privately owned but are managed by PV Management at contracted rental rates. Tenants agree to hold owner and PV Management free and clear of any damage or injury to self or property resulting from accident, injury, or loss due to rain, negligence, fire, theft, or other reason.
  12. Guest acknowledges that they will observe all Puamana Rules and Regulations that are posted on our website and given to them at the PCA office when they register their car(s) as well as all posted signs on the property. If a guest’s action results in a PCA fine of the owner, that fine will be deducted from the guest’s security deposit..
  13. Guest acknowledges and agrees that there will be no refund or adjustments for delayed check-in, early check-out, health or family emergencies, weather conditions, inconvenience, and dissatisfaction for any reason. In the event guest is dissatisfied with the property, PV Management’s sole responsibility will be to correct the problem as soon as practically possible or to offer to move the guest to comparable accommodations, at the sole discretion of PV Management, providing guest notifies PV management immediately. PV Management reserves the right to move reservation to a comparable unit, subject to availability to remedy conditions beyond its control.
  14. Your deposit minus a $200 cancellation fee will be refunded if cancellation is received more than 60 days prior to arrival date. No shows are non-refundable. When full payment for the booking is received, you will be given the gate codes and key information. If booking is cancelled after 60 days prior to check in, your payments will be forfeited unless you want to reschedule the same unit within a one year’s timeframe based on availability. I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood, and accept the Vacation Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions and authorize puamanavacations.com to put 25% of the total rental fees on my credit card and the balance on the card 45 days prior to check in.



Print Name: _________________________________________ Signature: _________________________________ Date: ______________


Here are the numbers you can call if you have any problems or emergencies:

Puamana Vacations 808-280-7860 or 808-661-9054 or 808-268-2903

If you are paying by credit card, FAX this agreement back to 808-442-1095 within 24 hours.